Do you want to lead on a Youthworks Camp?

Youthworks has been a provider of holiday and HSC Study Camps for over 50 years, giving many young people opportunities to develop in their faith in God while having lots of fun and making great relationships. Leading on a Youthworks Camp is an awesome opportunity to use the gifts God has given you to serve others. You will also get a chance to develop skills in leadership, patience, love, trust, submission, and forgiveness, that will be invaluable to you in life. Leading on a camp is also great fun and you will make life-long friendships. If you’re keen to join one of our leadership teams you’ll need to meet a few simple requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old (18 for HSC Study Camps)

  • Have a strong Christian faith;

  • Be a current and regular member of a Bible-believing Christian church;

  • Accept the Youthworks Statement of Faith and all other policies relating to Youthworks Camps;

  • Be able to work in a team ministry and under another person’s directorship;

  • Be cleared through the NSW Working With Children process: requires a New Working With Children’s Check number

  • Have completed the Youthworks Safe Ministry Training course or equivalent under the Safe Churches Training Agreement.

+ What are the responsibilities of being a leader?

While on camp, leaders will be expected to attend all meals, session times and activities. You will also be in charge of a discussion group and you may be allocated other responsibilities such as running an activity, looking after orderlies, running the bookstall, organising the final night’s decorations, etc.

There are lots of different roles on camp and the director will be able to supply you with any information about a specific role that you have been assigned to do. You are also responsible for modeling Christ in everything you do and say on camp, to the campers, other leaders, camp director, and anyone else who may be involved with camp. You are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity to share your faith and your life with others on camp. As a leader you also have a duty of care to ensure that reasonable care is taken for the campers. This involves putting safety first in all aspects of camp life, stepping in when there is a potentially dangerous situation, letting the director know about any problems as soon as possible after they occur, and immediately assisting an injured person.

The responsibility doesn’t end once camp is over. We see ongoing contact with campers as a really important part of camp life. Leaders are encouraged to continue praying for the campers after camp and to follow them up using the appropriate channels as set up by Youthworks. Camp reunions can also be a great way of continuing the camp community feeling after camp has officially finished. The camp director can give you more information on camper follow-up procedures.

+ Do I get any leader training?

Youthworks understands the importance of equipping our camp leaders to handle whatever situation they might come into on camp. A Leader Training Day is held once a year, where you’ll develop your camp leadership skills with sessions such as:

  • Running a small discussion group,
  • Organising a successful activity session,
  • andHow to share your faith with others.

There are also Senior First Aid, Bronze Medallion, and Safe Ministry Training courses held throughout the year. Your Camp Director will advise you of these dates, otherwise you can contact the Camps Coordinator for more information.

+ As a leader, do I pay to go on camp?

Yes, though it is a reduced rate to only cover room and board while onsite. Cost ranges from $190-250 depending on the length of camp.

+ Can my children come on camp?

Brilliant, yes please! Here is a form: Leaders Kids Form.