Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Cater and Self-Cater rate?

Some of our sites allow the booking organiser to select whether the stay will be either catered or self-catered. A catered stay includes all meals and access to the tea and coffee station.

A self-catered stay includes access to a commercial kitchen located at the site booked, no meals or tea/coffee will be provided by Youthworks. Once an option is selected the entire duration stay will have rates that apply to that selection. Therefore, a catered camp cannot claim self-cater rates for any attendees.

What is included in Catered Rates?

Youthworks has set meal times and meals are organised by the Centre Catering Coordinator in standard Australian cuisine. Youthworks can cater for the following special diets: vegetarian, non-dairy, gluten free/wheat free, no egg, no shellfish, as well as selective meats such as beef, pork and chicken.

Special requests for types of meals will need to be presented by a group organiser at least two weeks prior to arrival. We aim to do our best to meet requests though we cannot guarantee all requests will be able to be fulfilled.

Standard meal times are 8 AM Breakfast, 12:30 PM Lunch, and 6 PM Dinner. These meals times are flexible up to 30 minutes either side of standard meal times. The centre staff must receive a program that indicates meal times otherwise standard times will be assumed.

I have made a booking enquiry what is the next steps?

Youthworks Conference Centre staff will respond to your booking enquiry to see if we have the right venue that fits your budget, dates and size. If you would like to lock into a site and date, then Youthworks will send you a booking form with a deposit request.

Once a booking form (contract) is sent, the group organiser will have two weeks to send Youthworks a signed booking form with payment to secure the booking.

How will Youthworks invoice for part-time guests?

Youthworks Conference Centres will invoice per person for their time onsite in relation to the rate on the booking form. Sites that are hired for a flat rate will not have a part-time breakdown. For guest staying part-time here is how we calculate the stay:

Catered group:

1 night = dinner, supper, breakfast, m/tea and lunch (no dinner on Friday)

1day = m/tea, lunch and a/tea

Additional main meal = $12 (applied to visitors or if day guests stay for dinner)

Self-cater group:

1 night = 4 PM to 2 PM

1day = 10 AM to 4PM

Here is an example of the formula we apply to part time guests over a weekend:

Sat AM to Sun PM= 1 night + day rate

Fri PM to Sat PM, OR Sat PM to Sun PM = 1 night

Day visitor for Sat or Sun = 1 day

Are there restrictions of what can be brought on a site? Eg: pets, fireworks, food.

Yes. We do not allow pets (documented service animals are allowed), nuts and any food products that contain nuts, candles, fireworks, weapons, pornographic material, or alcohol containing more than 15% alc/vol to be brought on site. We welcome the group organiser to contact us about any items they would like to bring along.

What bedding is provided?

Every bed has a pillow, mattress protector and blanket or doona. Linen (bed sheets, pillowcase and towel), are not included in the standard rates. Guests must bring their own linen or sleeping bag/pillow slip. Linen can be hired for $25 per person at each of our sites, though must be arranged prior to arrival by the group organiser to ensure the linen is ready on arrival.

We would like activities, how do we know the rates and how to book?

Activities are available, though they vary at each site what there is to offer. Our activities are divided into Standard and Premium rates, just ask the Centre staff at the site you have booked about the rates. Activities can be booked up to 4 weeks prior to arrival by the group organiser, after this timeframe the centre staff will notify you if the activity can be arranged. There is a low probability of activities having availability less than 4 weeks from the start date.

Activities will be added to the final invoice, though will not contribute to the minimum charge for the use of a site. Activities that are cancelled prior to the week before camp will be removed from the invoice. Activities cancelled less than 6 days before the arrival date will remain on the invoice.

Can we consume alcohol during our stay?

Youthworks Conference Centres allow beer and wine to be brought onsite to be consumed during meal times of your event, only by those over the age of 18 and not for the purpose of a party. We allow this as a privilege to groups and just ask that our parameters are followed. However, if we believe that during our after the stay the parameters of legal and/or responsible consumption has been disregarded then we reserve the right to terminate your booking without refund, issue a cleaning fee, and remove privileges for future bookings.

Are rooms air-conditioned?

All Centres have air-conditioning in the main meeting room. Blue Gum Lodge, Koloona, and Waterslea have air-conditioning in the bedrooms as well as in the dining room.